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Jamie Lynn Spears Opens Up On The Title Of Her Memoir, Insists Not Influenced By Britney Spears

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Actor-singer Jamie Lynn Spears recently quashed speculations that her recent book ‘Things I Should Have Said’ was originally titled after her elder sister-pop icon Britney Spears’ lyrics.

According to Page Six, Jamie Lynn claimed in a new interview that she was never going to name her memoir after one of Britney Spears’ most famous lyrics, explaining that ‘I Must Confess’ was more of a placeholder to avoid the real title, ‘Things I Should Have Said’, leaking online.

“That was never the title. That was a mishap that happened where that was just something they put for no one to really grab reference of my
book,” Jamie Lynn said in an interview as per Page Six.

The outlet reported in July 2021 that Worthy Publishing, a Christian-based imprint of Hachette Book Group, prematurely posted the details of Jamie Lynn’s book on its website, including the title ‘I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring It Out,’ which used a line from Britney’s 1998 hit track, ‘…Baby One More Time.’

Hours later, the publishing house admitted it had “erroneously released” some “incorrect and incomplete information” and promptly scrubbed the page from its site.

By the time Jamie Lynn officially announced in October that she had written a book, Worthy tweaked its online listing to ‘Things I Should Have Said,’ as the final title.

The actress insisted in the recent interview that ‘I Must Confess’ was “never going to be” the name of her memoir, though she did admit to having trouble coming up with one.

“I did kind of wait until late in the game to name the book, so perhaps it was frustrating [for Worthy], but this has been the title of my book,” Page Six quoted the 30-year-old actor saying. ‘Things I Should Have Said’ was released on January 18, Tuesday.

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