Editorial Team Info

Driven by the urge to bring the burning issues that concern the society and the nation at large we a group of seasoned journalists, writers and researchers have come together to float this news platform.

The team has on board seasoned journalists who have over 20 years in journalism in various media groups of the country . And are experienced after having worked in all formats – TV, Print, website. They bring on board huge experience and integrity. We are all drive by a single aim. The editorial team selects the news and according to the importance puts on the site . It covers all topics as featured in the site . The editorial team also has support from contributors and who write according to the requirement of the editorial. There are consulting editors who discuss the stories of the day before it goes on air. The team has good news sense and with the experience they bring to the table the site gets richer in content and views. The team is totally transparent and in a democratic way dissects the news before it goes out to the audience.

The primary aim of the Editorial is to bring in public domain in its inimitable style and own analytical way stories that goes beyond the headlines. Offer a clear perspective as to why, how and the incident / event took place.

At the very outset we wish to make it very clear that our stage is also apolitical one in nature. The sole aim is to play a constructive role as well as highlight the glaring inefficiencies if and when it gets noticed.

We are all driven by the passion for news and the desire to introspect the stories that develops day in and day out. This is the motto of the site and the tagline of ours say it all – The news the incisive way .

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