Correction Policy

In journalism giving out to the reader proper and correct news is the order of the day. Which cannot be overlooked at stretch of imagination. When ever we do a story and publish the same on the page for our viewers the aim is give a proper headline and one which attracts the audience to go for it or click it . The story is deftly handled and ensured that the proper meaning of the story is in place and there is no score whatsoever for rumours and apprehensions. If they story after publishing gets updated on while as it is running story then the next story with updated version is made quickly by the desk in charge to give the latest picture. Change in heading is done if necessary and rests on the ability and judgment of the editorial team that looks at the site and the content. Correction or update to the story is paramount hence we at Impact News India see that they are carried out asap so that the readers are not offended. Every visitor or reader is important to us and hence we cannot wrong them with info that is not correct in particular story. We would appreciate comments for the stories published so that we get the energy to work more and do good human interest stories that is of great need in the fast changing times of today. Transparency is the motto and we at Impact News India wish to point out that stories here are done with proper facts and statements and does not move away from the said plot of the story. The aim of the policy is clear present stories with correct news reports and statements of the persons concerned and in case errors be typo or spellings then the desk is swift enough to make those relevant changes necessary .

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