Fact Checking Policy

Before the story is put on page the reporters and writers must ensure that the url, headline, intro , of the story is properly placed and has no errors. And the stories are credited for the inputs from any agency regarding figures and numbers on a certain story. In new age era of journalism tweets have become the axiom of many a news room and they are most used by current generation of writers in their reports as well as breaking news. The fact- check is essential so that the copy is error free and there is proper description of the numbers in case of tragedy or correct figures when in case of sports coverage. It is must need to keep the integrity and transparency of the site concerned as wrong info could make or mar a reputation. We at Impact News India understand that words have the utmost power and act accordingly. Writers under Interesting Engineering must verify the information they gather and write at all times. This includes identifying information such as names, locations, factual statements, and accounts related to the content. Writers do their own fact-checking using their own judgment and information under the light of our Ethics Policy. Depending upon the nature and complexity of the topic, other members of the editorial staff may contribute additional research and changes to the writers’ work, and the final product will pass through the hands of our editors. Any piece that is not deemed up to our standards by one or more editors is subject to further revision and review before being released for publication.

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