Ownership and Funding

This is a private limited company with one principal owner and his supported by fellow journalists in consulting role. The aim of the site is news dissemination . The principal owner of the site has full stake in the site and does not share it with anyone. He is the sole decision maker of the company be it editorial , marketing matters. The writers or associates associated with the company work under his directive and implement the agenda at hand. The associates are honorary and do not charge for their association as they are guided by the motive of nation service and nation comes first initiative . They are keen to be part of the company in order to reach out to the masses with their ideas . Ownership is very clear here in Impact News India . The funding of Impact News India is very transparent . It is by advertisement funding from top corporate and educational institutions that cater to the public with their various coaching institutes . They have shown their interest in backing this site so that their large students are able to get the latest happenings from around the world by visiting the website. Advertisements too are updated as and when the need arises . This call is taken by the advertisement group that gives advertisement support to the website. Only three years old more advertisement groups are showing interest to back the site in the coming days.

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