Explained How CUET Stands To Benefit The Students

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The recently announced Common University Entrance Test (CUET) has caused quite a flutter among the students with a plethora of questions in their mind. Frankly, it is the fear of the unknown that is fuelling the apprehensions since central universities such as JNU and BHU have already been conducting their own entrance exams. The idea is to have a common entrance test conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA ) so that students do not have to give multiple tests. The exam will offer multiple opportunities to students across different universities.
In a way, CUET offers an open transparent competition wherein all students are treated alike in terms of exam accessibility. Based on the performance, a student will have multiple options to choose from.

Also UGC has made it clear that the common exam will not have any impact on the existing policies of the central universities and that if any university reserves a certain percentage for local students or internal students, it will continue to do that. The only difference is that these students will also have to come through CUET like students to be admitted on general seats. The reservation policies and ordinances of the universities will remain unchanged.

Being conducted in 13 languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu, CUET offers a wide choice to the students, providing even more career choices. In the first phase of the exam, the candidates will appear in a language exam for which a vast choice will be given to them. With that, they will also have to appear in two domain specific exams along with a general test. In the second phase, the candidates can appear in four more domain subjects, if they want, along with a language subject. Students can decide the number of domain subjects they want to attempt during the exam. They can appear for up to six domain subjects out of the basket of 27 subjects such as accountancy, biology, business studies, chemistry, geography history, economics, mathematics, among others.

What more one can ask for! CUET is providing a single platform wherein at the click of the button one is able to apply to more than 40 universities, thereby preventing the hassle of going to other universities to take independent tests. Also, it releases the burden of scoring 100 percent in the board exams, keeping the students under the constant fear of making it to their dream university! The exam thus is a good beginning in this direction of treating all the students at par and admitting them what they deserve. No more 100 percents, no more cut throat competition, it’s CUET all the way!

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