Massive : Kareena Kapoor Khan Says Honoured And Humbled After Appointed As UNICEF India National Ambassador

In a major announcement UNICEF India has appointed Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan as its new National Ambassador.

The “Crew” star, who has been associated with UNICEF India since 2014, will support the not-for-profit organisation in furthering every child’s right to early childhood development, health, education and gender equality, a press release said.

Kareena Kapoor has been associated with UNICEF India since 2014 and has worked on issues such as girls’ education, gender equality, foundational learning, immunization and breastfeeding.

During the event, she talked about child care, the rights of children and nurturing their confidence.

“Every child deserves a right a right to safety, a right to gender equality, a right to education, safe environments, health and nutrition.”

She said her being appointed as UNICEF India’s National Ambassador, is a very special moment for her.

“I’m very honoured and very humbled to take on this position. I’ve worked tirelessly and worked very hard with all my heart. And now, finally, I’m joining them as a national ambassador. But of course, with that comes a huge responsibility which I accept with all my heart to ensure that every child through the corners of India, however vulnerable, wherever he is, whoever she is…I must include when I say every single child, I do not specify gender, I do not want to, voice or no voice, abled or disabled…I specify every single child I will work towards to give them their fundamental right…,” she said.

“Every child deserves a fair chance to life, the first five years of their life being their foundation. Every child deserves a childhood, the first five years, once again I repeat, being the most important and formative years. They deserve a right – a right to safety, a right to gender equality, a right to education, primary education, safe environments, health and nutrition. They basically deserve a fair chance at life itself.”…

Kareena shared that being a mother of two sons, Taimur and Jeh, she has realized that every child “needs a voice”

“Of course, this role is most important, but the most important role I play in my life is being a mother to my two boys. And I always feel that children need a voice. They like to be heard. Whatever it is, whichever environment they’re in, whether it’s talking to their parents, talking to their peers, or talking to their teachers, they want to be heard. They want to feel like someone’s listening to whatever they’re saying, at whatever age, they just want to be heard. And that is something that I make a conscious effort of with my children is if they have a voice, we must, must hear them clearly,” she shared.

The ‘Crew’ star emphasised the need to develop the child’s confidence so that they can innovate new ideas and dream big in life.

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