Two Made-In-India Coronavirus Vaccines For The Protection Of Humanity – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Picture : Twitter / ANI

India is ready with two made-in-India vaccines for the protection of humanity and the world is not only waiting for them but also watching as to how the country runs the globe’s biggest vaccination programme, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said .

In his address at the inauguration of the 16th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention, Modi also asserted that if democracy is most strong, vibrant and lively anywhere in the world, it is in India.

“When India got Independence then it was said that such a poor and under-literate country will disintegrate and democracy was impossible here. Today’s truth is that India is united and if democracy is most strong, vibrant and lively anywhere in the world, it is in India,” he said.

Talking about India’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, he said the country is among the nations with the lowest fatality rate and the highest recovery rate.

Talking about the COVID vaccines rollout, Modi said India is ready with not one but two made-in-India coronavirus vaccines for the protection of humanity.

“Being the pharmacy of the world, India has supplied important medicines to all those in need in the world in the past and is also doing so now. The world is not only waiting for Indian vaccines but is also watching how India runs the world biggest vaccination programme,” he said.

Modi also said that during the pandemic, Indians showed their capabilities and the way the country stood together was unparalleled.

He said India is using technology to defeat corruption and crores of rupees are being directly transferred to beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

“Today we have been connected with the internet from various corners of the world but our minds are always connected with ‘Maa Bharti’,” he said.

“I have had a dialogue with several heads of states who told me how Indian diaspora has extended a helping hand in those countries and provided leadership in extending assistance even in these difficult times,” Modi said.

“This was a matter of pride for me.”

He also lauded the Indian diaspora for providing assistance in the battle against coronavirus in India.

Modi told the Indian diaspora that the country always stands with them and pointed out that over 45 lakh people were rescued under the government’s Vande Bharat mission during the pandemic.

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