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Staging A Comeback : Benjamin Netanyahu In A Tweet Says He Is Forming New Government

Picture : Twitter/ ANI

Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday late night notified President Isaac Herzog that he had managed to form a government after 38 days of coalition negotiations, reported The Washington Post.

The announcement set the stage for him to return to power as head of the most right-wing Israeli government ever.

“Thanks to the enormous public support we received in the last elections, I was able to establish a government that will work for the benefit of all Israeli citizens,” tweeted Netanyahu.

Netanyahu made the announcement during a phone call to President Isaac Herzog, moments before a midnight deadline.

The move, which came 20 minutes before his mandate to form a government was set to expire, buys him more time as he works to get controversial laws his coalition partners have demanded passed ahead of the swearing-in of new ministers, which is expected by early January.

Netanyahu said he intends to complete the process “as soon as possible next week” A date for its swearing-in wasn’t immediately announced, reported The Washington Post.

Netanyahu’s plan was to have the new government in place less than a week after he received the mandate, but his coalition partners didn’t trust him to make good on promises he made once the government was sworn in. Instead, they demanded detailed agreements, including the passage of certain laws, as a condition of being part of or supporting his coalition.

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