Prime Minister Inaugurates Projects In Gorakhpur Worth Rs 9,600 Crore, Takes On Samajwadi Party Says Red Caps Are Red Alert For UP

Picture : Twitter / ANI

As Uttar Pradesh gets ready for the assembly polls in 2022 the Vikas push of the Yogi government continues. In the latest initiative Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated three megaprojects in Gorakhpur . The three ambitious projects are worth over Rs 9,600 crore. Among those present on the occasion were Governor Anandiben Patel and CM Yogi Adityanath .

The projects include the newly built fertilizer plant of Hindustan Urvarak Rasayan Limited (HURL), AIIMS building and ICMR’s regional unit Regional Medical Research Centre.

Later on Addressing the rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at the previous governments in the state before 2017 stating, “Beginning of a fertiliser plant and AIIMS in Gorakhpur is sending out several messages. When there is a double engine govt, then work takes place in double speed. When work is done with honest intentions, then even calamities can’t become obstacles”.

“When there is a government that worries about the oppressed and deprived sections, then it works hard and even yields results. The program in Gorakhpur today is a proof of the fact the nothing is impossible for new India when it becomes determined,” Modi said.

Modi slammed the previous governments before 2017 for not allotting land for AIIMS , when he remarked, Everybody knew the importance of Gorakhpur fertiliser plant for farmers & employment here. But pervious govts showed no interest in starting it. Everyone knew that AIIMS Gorakhpur has been a long pending demand but the govts before 2017 made excuses in allotting land for it.

PM Modi took a veiled dig at the Samajwadi party too saying, The ‘red caps’ want to form govt to show leniency towards terrorists, to bring them out of jails. So always remember that the ‘red caps’ are red alert for UP – they are bells to danger. Today entire UP knows that the ‘red caps’ cared about ‘red beacons’ alone. They had nothing to do with your pain and issues. The ‘red caps’ want power – for scams and for filling their coffers, for illegal encroachments, for providing freedom to mafia.

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