MEA Sends Passport Suspension Notice In Mail To Nirav Modi

File Picture Courtesy : The Indian Express

File Picture Courtesy : The Indian Express

Jeweller Nirav Modi , the main accused in Rs. 11, 400 crore Punjab National Bank scam, has been sent notice on a “requested” email ID, the External Affairs Ministry said , adding that the government has a sort of acknowledgement from Modi.

Nirav Modi according to various media reports has refused to appear before the ED and has shown no intension of returning to India. He seem to suggest a – Catch Me If You can Line .

“He (Nirav Modi) has acknowledged in the sense there was some confusion on the address where it was to be sent… and the request had been received to send notice to a particular email id. Accordingly the notice was sent to the email id as requested,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar according to report by PTI.

The comments by Foreign Ministry come a day ahead of expiry of the one-week time given to Nirav Modi and his uncle and promoter of the Gitanjali Gems group Mehul Choksi to respond why their passports should not be revoked.

On the location of Modi, the ministry said, “The matter should be addressed to the law enforcement agencies. There are certain investigations and legal procedures which need to be completed before the ministry comes into the picture.”

Kumar also noted that on the advice of investigation agencies, the ministry did suspend passports of Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi.

“They are supposed to reply within a stipulated time. If they do not reply, we will take further action. Once we send it to their address, sometimes we also send it to their email, so that he is in receipt of the intimation and is bound to reply within a stipulated time to the notice and the charges which we have explained to him,” he said.

“If the replies are not satisfactory, then the passport is revoked. If he does not reply, then again the same thing happens,” the spokesperson added.

Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and others are being investigated by multiple probe agencies after the fraud came to light recently following a complaint by the Punjab National Bank. The complaint alleged that they cheated the nationalised bank to the tune of Rs. 11,400 crore, with the purported involvement of a few employees of the bank.

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