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Lok Sabha Elections 2019 : Arun Jaitley Tears Into Opposition, Says Choice Is Between ‘Modi And Chaos’

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In  a scathing attack on the opposition ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha Polls, Union finance Minister Arun Jaitley while writing in facebook post said the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ is a self-destructive coalition of rivals’ and choice before voters in the general elections would be either “Modi or chaos”.

“What was promised to be Mahagathbandhan’ is turning out to be a gathbandhan’ of several conflicting gathbandhans. It is a self-destructive coalition of rivals’,” Jaitley said while highlighting the conflicts among the parties in the coailition against BJP-led NDA.

In his blog, he wrote that the leadership issue in the opposition camp is an absolute puzzle. Congress President Rahul Gandhi is an inadequate leader, Jaitley said.

“He is tried, tested and failed. His lack of understanding of issues is frightening. He aspires to be the leader of this chaotic pack”.

The senior BJP leader further said the Opposition alliance is unclear and is absolutely fragile.

“None of the political parties is capable of any significant number of seats. The alliance will not have a stable nucleus. It has a set of highly ambitious, self-centred and maverick leaders.

“Barring the Congress and the Left, most of them have done political business with the BJP in the past. Their ideologies and commitment to their constituents are widely different,” he added.

On the other, Jaitley said that within the NDA there are no leadership issues.

“There is absolute clarity. Shri Narendra Modi leads the NDA and will be the Prime Minister in the event of the NDA victory. His leadership is nationally accepted, his ratings are very high. His track record speaks for itself,” said Jaitley.

The Finance Minister further said the contest in the forthconming Lok Sabha election is between a trusted leader Modi and secure, and opposition parties coalition with no projected leader.

“There are multiple leaders (in the opposition), each trying to outwit the other. They can only promise a temporary Government if we go by the past precedents. One can be certain of chaos.

“The choice is clear it is either Modi or chaos,” he added.

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