#KarnatakaAssemblyPolls2023: Congress Releases Manifesto ; Bajrang Dal, PFI Put In Same Bracket, Ban Possibility; Restore 4% Minority Reservation

The Congress party on Tuesday promised in its manifesto for the May 10 Assembly elections to repeal all unjust laws and anti-people laws passed by the BJP government in Karnataka within one year of coming to power in the state.

“We will get majority,” said Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge to ANI after the launch of party’s manifesto.

“I want to make Karnataka a global Karnataka. A Karnataka with peace, progress and positive approach,” says Karnataka Congress president DK Shivakumar after the launch of party’s manifesto told ANI

In the manifesto for the polls released by Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge in the presence of the state unit chief D K Shivakumar and CLP leader Siddaramaiah and others, the party reiterated its five guarantees: Gruha Jyothi, Gruha Lakshmi, Anna Bhagya, Yuva Nidhi and Shakti.

The manifesto called ‘Sarva Janangada Shanthiya Thota’ (Peaceful garden of all communities) includes the Shakti scheme which will provide free travel to all women throughout the state in regular KSRTC/ BMTC buses and the Gruha Lakshmi scheme under which each woman head of the family will receive Rs 2,000..

Kharge said “I am giving the sixth guarantee that these guarantees will surely be implemented in the first cabinet meeting on the first day of the government formation.”

The Congress party on Tuesday in its manifesto for the upcoming May 10 Karnataka Assembly elections said, We believe that law and Constitution is sacrosanct and can not be violated by individuals and Organisations like Bajrang Dal, PFI or others promoting enmity or hatred, whether among majority or minority communities. We will take decisive action as per law including imposing a ban on any such organisations

Congress govt will form a State Education Policy to reject the National Education Policy (NEP).

Congress party is committed to increase reservation for SC’s from 15% to 17%, for ST’s 3% to 7%, and restore minority reservation 4% and increase reservations Lingayat’s, VokKaliggas’s and other communities and to pursue for inclusion in the 9th Schedule of the Constitution.

Congress will sympathetically consider an extension of OPS to the pensionable government employees who joined service since 2006, to fill unapproved vacancies in all Government Departments within one year.

Congress party in its manifesto promises to provide 500 litres of tax-free diesel every year for deep sea fishing and to provide Rs 6,000 to all marine fishermen as a lean period allowance during the fishing holiday also to purchase cow dung at Rs.3 per kg and establish compost/manure centres in villages involving rural women/Youth.

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