#Congress Crisis : Kapil Sibal Faces Flak For Ghar ki Congress Comment And Asking Gandhis To Make Way For Others

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Congress leaders have lashed out at their colleague Kapil Sibal for his remarks against the leadership with the party’s Lok Sabha whip accusing him of speaking the language of the BJP and the RSS.

As per PTI report, Manickam Tagore, a staunch Rahul Gandhi loyalist, said the RSS and the BJP want the Gandhis to be out of leadership position to kill the Congress party and destroy the idea of India.

Congress national spokesperson Pawan Khera said Sibal should contest elections for the post of Congress president instead of making public comments against the leadership.

“Why RSS and BJP wants Nehru-Gandhi’s out of the leadership? Because without Gandhi’s leadership Congress will be become Janata party. It’s easy to kill Congress then it’s easy to destroy the idea of India (sic),” Tagore said on Twitter.

“Kapil Sibal knows it but why he is speaking the language of RSS/BJP,” the Congress’ Lok Sabha whip asked.

Khera also put out a Twitter post hitting out at Sibal.

“Dr Harshvardhan did not ask you to step aside from Chandni Chowk. He fought an election and defeated you Kapil Sibal. Those who want to lead Congress are free to fight upcoming election for the position of party president instead of chanting everyday against current leadership,” Khera tweeted.

Sibal has said Gandhis should step aside and give some other leader a chance to lead the party.

“Leadership is in cuckoo land’ I want a sab ki Congress’. Some want a ‘Ghar ki Congress’,” Sibal told the Indian Express in an interview.

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