Coftea Plans to Expand Post-Covid with Customers Acting as our Brand Ambassador – Ankit Chhaparia, Director-Founder.

Coftea pours in a fast and power package solution to boost one’s energies instantly without the hassle of any awkward preparations with its wide range of instant tea, coffee, soups and kadha premix beverages.

“As far as standing out in the premixes market is concerned,” informs Ankit Chhaparia, Director-Founder, Chhaparia Marketing Pvt Ltd “the company is focusing on delivering “premium quality” to their customers. Our machine can dispense from 1 to 1000 cups of tea and coffee per day.”

It’s instant pre-mix and easy to brew top-class user-friendly vending machines which never require any exclusive operator to run them. Coftea also rents out these vending machines and provides technical services and maintenance related assistance during and post installation.

So far, COFTEA has installed more than 1000 coffee/tea vending machines across the country. With a perfect blend of taste, aroma, hygiene and nutrition, it has a wide customer base.

Very commonly people believe that tea or coffee from vending machines neither tastes good nor helpful for health. But Coftea’s product changed their mental frame, hence accepted the brand and float its exclusivity within their network, help promote, create awareness.

“Our USP is our superb quality of premixes. Coftea’s instant premixes range from 20 customised flavors to suit different moods and are coming up with flavored tea like vanilla, rose, strawberry butterscotch, lemon grass honey,’’ mentioned the founder.

The brand was widely accepted and got huge recognition for its quality and services while participating in Bengal Global Business Summit (BGBS) in April and very recently in ABID (Association of Architects, Builders, Interior Designer and Allied Trade) in Kolkata, India as tea coffee partner.

“We are already in touch with many potential corporates and worthy distributors, also on the verge of tying up with many more all across India. Our present prospect observes 60 percent sales increase in 2021 if compared to 2020 and anticipates another hike of 50 to 60 percent by year end,” asserts he.

Going forward, Chhaparia has several expansion plans for his business. His priority is to raise capital from a private equity fund, which will be used to develop operations across other parts of the country. The company will also start exploring Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh markets soon to sell its products.

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