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Chicago Famed Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones Gets Candid On Doing Her Own Stunts In Films


Welsh actor Catherine Zeta-Jones has no qualms in admitting the truth when it comes to performing stunts in films.
In her recent project, ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’, the 53-year-old actor performed her own stunts and did not have any injuries.

Talking to the US-based entertainment outlet, People, the ‘Chicago’ actress said, “Certain stunts in movies and stuff, you have to do, unless you’re Tom Cruise and you really want to fly out of a plane”.

“I’m not Tom and I admire him for all he does. But for me, it’s a wonderful career. Those stunt people are wonderful,” she added.

Cruise and Zeta-Jones had starred together in the musical comedy ‘Rock of Ages’ in 2012. Meanwhile, the Academy Award-winning actor was recently seen at the red-carpet premiere of her latest Disney+ series with her 22-year-old son, Dylan Douglas.


“I enjoy every minute with this guy. Well, he’s a good son. It’s just the best,” Zeta-Jones told People Magazine.

Zeta-Jones plays the role of the antagonist Billie, in the series, which is set to release on December 14. As per People Magazine, the ‘America’s Sweethearts’ actor admitted that she wished “to direct at some point”.

Meanwhile, the actor was last seen in a guest role in the Netflix series ‘Wednesday’.

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