Book Extract : Hack The Boredom Code By Neera Maini Srivastav

In today’s world, where young adults face the challenges of increasing stress, imbalanced lifestyle, problems related to the new millennium, and mental health issues, ‘boredom’ is set to become a pandemic that we don’t seem to be doing enough about.

Neera Maini Srivastav a Children’s/YA author, a screenwriter, an educator and mindfulness coach, is back with a new book Hack The Boredom Code that focuses on helping the GenY overcoming boredom and achieving their potential in a humorous way.

The book is divided into 3 sections: Mind, Body and Spirit, that offers tips /hacks/solutions in each category that seed the respite from boredom in a fun, engaging way. The book is a ready reckoner for young adults to get by their highly stressful daily lives in a more meaningful, healthier and stimulating manner.

A companion of sorts, the book aims at delivering well-being to the troubled young things by throwing open a world of ‘creative’ solutions to combat the new age ogre- boredom, including a ‘boredom tracker’- for journaling purposes.

22. Refine a Skill (Ballet, Piano, Baseball, Sewing, Cooking, Painting)

There is no full-stop to knowledge. It is a continuous process without an end. Only because life is ever evolving, every second. So how can we humans halt at any point? So what if you are an accomplished ballet dancer or a pianist or a painter or even a chef! There is always that little extra that can make you shine even brighter. Take stock of any skill you may have and spend some time everyday sharpening that skill even more. If you are a singer, learn another form of music, or sign up for a cookery class that teaches you what you don’t already know. Even an athlete needs to work at his/her skill everyday- to better performance. Haven’t you heard of sports stars who have even signed up for Yoga sessions to hone the muscles of their mind. Likewise, there will always be that extra something that you can add to your own skill. Whatever you do, do it better every day so that you can look back in wonder at your own journey that has been upward bound!

(Extracted with permission from Author, Publisher)

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