As Parliament Moves To New Building ; This Is What Jairam Ramesh Ramesh Wants Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Do Frequently

Picture : Twitter/ ANI

A day before Parliament convenes in a new building, the Congress said it hopes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will now sit more frequently in both Houses while claiming that he has the “worst attendance record of all prime ministers”.

The Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha will meet again on Tuesday afternoon in the new Parliament building, with Speaker of the Lower House Om Birla urging the members to abstain from “organised disruptions” and “carrying placards” in the new chamber.

In a post on X, Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said, “From tomorrow afternoon, Parliament will convene in the new building. Hopefully, now at least the Prime Minister will sit more frequently in both Houses.” “His tenure has been marked by minimum non-customary interventions in Parliament with the worst attendance record of all PMs,” Ramesh said.

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