A Pinch Of Magic By Asha Nehemiah

Short-length, simple vocabulary, illustrated chapter books

Perfect for young readers progressing from picture books

A wacky story about magical mayhem!


Veena’s aunt, Malu, is in trouble Her pinching spoon is broken She must get a new spoon or close down her herbal medicine business But the only person who makes pinching spoons has disappeared Can Veena help her Aunt?


Asha Nehemiah is a popular author with children of all age groups Wonderfully funny characters get into wacky adventures in her stories Her books for children include Trouble with Magic, The Grand Chapati Contest, Granny’s Sari, The Adventures of Mooli series and The Mystery of the Secret Hair Oil Formula

Pub: June 2021

ISBN: 9780143451563

Price: Rs. 175/-

Category: Fiction/Adventure/

Humorous Stories

Binding: Paperback

Extent: 72pp

Age: 7 -9 years

Imprint: Duckbill

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